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Cambridge Manuscript ADD 1553 (Ne)

Ārya-pañcaviṃśatikā-prajñāpāramitā-hṛdaya nāma Dhāraṇī The Dhāraṇī named the Noble Heart of the Prajñāpāramitā consisting of 25[000]. note that 25 is pañcaviṃśati and 1000 sahas is missing here. Modern Nepalese; 5x13cm; Newāri script, black ink on paper (yellowed by the addition of arsenic preservative), with decorations in red ink. Illuminated first page with image of four-armed yellow Prajñāpāramitā, verso blank. 5… Continue reading Cambridge Manuscript ADD 1553 (Ne)

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Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

The short text of the Heart Sutra is not included in the Kanjur, but a number of manuscripts of the text were found at Dunhunag. The manuscript transcribed here, British Library Or.8212/77 is one that Jan Nattier called “representative” (Personal communication). A hi-res image can be found on the IDP Website.  An image of this text also… Continue reading Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

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Horiuzi Palm-leaf MSS. (Ja)

The image is a facsimile of the so-called “Horiuzi Palm-leaf MSS.” of Hōryū-ji monastery. The manuscript was preserved in Hōryū-ji, and is said to date from 609 AD.  Georg Bühler notes in Müller (1881) that a comparison of the script with India manuscripts and inscriptions argues for a date in the 8th century. He hypothesises… Continue reading Horiuzi Palm-leaf MSS. (Ja)