Prajñāpāramitā Texts in Jingtai’s Catalogue (T 2148)

Jingtai’s Catalogue (T 2148; vol 55) uses a scheme that has many similarities to other catalogues, particular the catalogue produced by Yancong in 602 (T 2147). He employed a total of seven categories, the first three of which make up the “canon”. 1. 單本 – single translations (one original that was translated only once) 2.… Continue reading Prajñāpāramitā Texts in Jingtai’s Catalogue (T 2148)


A General Survey of Fangshan Stone Sutras from the Tang Dynasty (Cached Copy)

Lin Yuanbai 林元白。 Táng dài Fángshān shíjīng kè zào gàikuàng 「唐代房山石经刻造概况」 (“A General Survey of Fangshan Stone Sutras from the Tang Dynasty.”) 現代佛學, Modern Buddhist Studies, 3 (1958). [not paginated] http://www.baohuasi.org/qikan/xdfx/5803-011A.htm. (The site now persistently returns a 502 Bad Gateway Error.) This is Google’s cache of http://www.baohuasi.org/qikan/xdfx/5803-011A.htm. It is a snapshot of the page as it… Continue reading A General Survey of Fangshan Stone Sutras from the Tang Dynasty (Cached Copy)

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Lock and Linebarger

I’ve just discovered an excellent resource for those starting to read Chinese Buddhist texts. Lock, G. and Linebarger, G. S. (2018). Chinese Buddhist Texts: An Introductory Reader. Routledge. The authors give a full parsing of the Xīnjīng including many helpful notes. I don’t always agree with their reading, mostly because they haven’t incorporated modern research… Continue reading Lock and Linebarger


The Xīnjīng in the Biography by 慧立 Huìlì and 彥悰 Yàncóng (T 2053).

《大唐大慈恩寺三藏法師傳》 (T 2053)  – a Tang Dynasty (唐) biography (傳) of Xuánzàng (aka “the Dharma Master 三藏法師傳 of the great Ci’en Temple 大慈恩寺”) by 慧立 Huìlì and 彥悰 Yàncóng from about 688 CE. English Translations. Beal, S. (1914.) The Life of Hiuen-Tsiang. By the Shamans Hwui Li and Yen-Tsung. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner &… Continue reading The Xīnjīng in the Biography by 慧立 Huìlì and 彥悰 Yàncóng (T 2053).

Chinese Texts

Fangshan Stele

  Image from: 中国佛教协会 (1978)  ​「房山云居寺石经」. 北京 : 文物出版社. = Chinese Buddhist Association. (1978) Mount Fang, Yunju Temple, Stone Sutras. Beijing: Cultural Relics Publishing House. Colophon transcription based on: 林元白。「唐代房山石经刻造概况」現代佛學 , 3 1958。 一九五八年。= Lin Yuanbai. ‘A General Survey of Fangshan Stone Sutras from the Tang Dynasty. Modern Buddhist Studies, 3, 1958. www.baohuasi.org/qikan/xdfx/5803-011A.htm. 北京圖書館金石組, 中國佛教圖書文物館石經組編 (1987) ‘房山石經題記匯編’. 书目文献出版社 : 新華書店北京發行所發行,… Continue reading Fangshan Stele

Tibetan Texts

Ueyama Tibetan Short Text

Ueyama, Daishun. (1965) Prajñaparamita-hrdaya-sutra, its Tibetan Version from Tun-huang. Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies (= Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu) 13(2), 779-783. Fragment49.a は 鮮明な完本 で標準型 に近 い ので これを底本 に探 り, Kamalasilaの 注繹 (ch.30.18) 本 文 と校勘 に した)   Transcription. // rgya gar skad du//a-rya-phrad-na-pa-ra-myi-ta-rhi-da-ya//bod skad du hphags pa ses rab kyi pha rol to phin… Continue reading Ueyama Tibetan Short Text

English Translations

First English Translation: Beal 1865.

Beal, Samuel. (1865). ‘The Paramita-hridaya Sutra or The Great Paramita Heart Sutra.’ Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain. 1 (1/2):25-28 The Pāramitā-hridaya Sūtra, or, in Chinese, “Mo-ho-pô-ye-po-lo-mih-to-sin-king,” i.e. “The Great Pāramitā Heart Sūtra.” Translated from the Chinese by the Rev. S. Beal, Chaplain, R.N. [Presented December, 1863.] Note that I have attempted to… Continue reading First English Translation: Beal 1865.