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Taishō 256 (Cb)

The Chinese Tripiṭaka contains a number of Heart Sutra texts (See Chinese). Amongst them is a short text version which includes a transliterated Sanskrit text (T256 8.851.a1-852.a23). Originally attributed to Xuanzang (602-664), his disciple Kuījī caused this text to be inscribed on a stone wall at some unknown date. It was then edited by Amoghavajra (705–774) but must have… Continue reading Taishō 256 (Cb)

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Mironov Mongolian (Cc)

  From a rubbing of an octagon stone engraving found Jasaktu Wang Principality, Inner Mongolia now in the Manchuria Research Society Museum. Column ca. 2ft by 5.5-6in. Ca. 10-11th century? Article contains some comparison with Ja. Mironov, N. D. (1932) The Prajñāpāramitāhṛdayasūtra as an Inscription. Journal of Urusvati, 3, 73-8. Online:   As Printed. xxx prajñā xx m.… Continue reading Mironov Mongolian (Cc)

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Mironov Bronze Bell (Cd)

Mironov, N. D. (1933) The Prajñāpāramitāhṛdayasūtra as an Inscription. Urusvati Journal 3, 73-78. [Text on pg 78]. Online The inscription was on a bronze bell, some 1.5m tall. It is transcribed without editing, though the article contains a comparison with the edition published by Müller (Ja). namo bhagavatyai (e?) śriā[r]ya-prajñāpāramit/yai/ evaṃ mayā śrātam (!) ekasmin samaye… Continue reading Mironov Bronze Bell (Cd)

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Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. (Cg/Nm)

Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. Pelliot Sogdien. ca 950? ink on birch-bark. Central Asian Siddham script. In: Benveniste, E. (1940) Textes Sogdiens, pp. 142-3. MS. has a post-script in Sogdian. Conze: Cg = Nm. ༄ athāryāvalokitiśvarā boddhisatvā gaṃbhira prajñāpāramitā caryā caranama vyavalokayti sma paṃskaṃddhā svabhāva śunyatā paśyati sma iti hi śāriputrā rūpaṃ śunyatā śūnyateva rūpaṃ rūpaṃ te… Continue reading Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. (Cg/Nm)

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Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

  The short text of the Heart Sutra is not included in the Kanjur, but about three hundred manuscripts of the text were found at Dunhuang. The manuscript transcribed here, British Library Or.8212/77 is one that Jan Nattier called “representative” (Personal communication). A hi-res image can be found on the IDP Website.  An image of this text… Continue reading Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

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Hōryūji Palm-leaf Manuscript. (Ja)

Image: The palm leaf manuscript of held at Hōryū Gakumonji (法隆学問寺), or “Learning Temple of the Flourishing Dharma” (aka Hōryūji, Horiuzi) containing texts of the Prajñāpāramitā-hṛdaya, Uṣṇiṣavijaya-dhāraṇī, and a Sanskrit syllabary. The manuscript is said to date from 609 CE, but this date certainly incorrect. Georg Bühler notes, in Müller (1881), that a comparison of the… Continue reading Hōryūji Palm-leaf Manuscript. (Ja)