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Taishō 256 (Cb)

The Chinese Tripiṭaka contains a number of Heart Sutra texts (See Chinese). Amongst them is a short text version which includes a transliterated Sanskrit text (T256 8.851.a1-852.a23). Originally attributed to Xuanzang (602-664), his disciple Kuījī caused this text to be inscribed on a stone wall at some unknown date. It was then edited by Amoghavajra (705–774) but must have… Continue reading Taishō 256 (Cb)

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Mironov Mongolian (Cc)

  From a rubbing of an octagon stone engraving found Jasaktu Wang Principality, Inner Mongolia now in the Manchuria Research Society Museum. Column ca. 2ft by 5.5-6in. Ca. 10-11th century? Article contains some comparison with Ja. Mironov, N. D. (1932) The Prajñāpāramitāhṛdayasūtra as an Inscription. Journal of Urusvati, 3, 73-8. Online:   As Printed. xxx prajñā xx m.… Continue reading Mironov Mongolian (Cc)

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Mironov Bronze Bell (Cd)

Mironov, N. D. (1933) The Prajñāpāramitāhṛdayasūtra as an Inscription. Urusvati Journal 3, 73-78. [Text on pg 78]. Online The inscription was on a bronze bell, some 1.5m tall. It is transcribed without editing, though the article contains a comparison with the edition published by Müller (Ja). namo bhagavatyai (e?) śriā[r]ya-prajñāpāramit/yai/ evaṃ mayā śrātam (!) ekasmin samaye… Continue reading Mironov Bronze Bell (Cd)

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Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. (Cg/Nm)

Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. Pelliot Sogdien. ca 950? ink on birch-bark. Central Asian Siddham script. In: Benveniste, E. (1940) Textes Sogdiens, pp. 142-3. MS. has a post-script in Sogdian. Conze: Cg = Nm. ༄ athāryāvalokitiśvarā boddhisatvā gaṃbhira prajñāpāramitā caryā caranama vyavalokayti sma paṃskaṃddhā svabhāva śunyatā paśyati sma iti hi śāriputrā rūpaṃ śunyatā śūnyateva rūpaṃ rūpaṃ te… Continue reading Bibliotheque Nationale 62 no. 139. (Cg/Nm)

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Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

The short text of the Heart Sutra is not included in the Kanjur, but a number of manuscripts of the text were found at Dunhunag. The manuscript transcribed here, British Library Or.8212/77 is one that Jan Nattier called “representative” (Personal communication). A hi-res image can be found on the IDP Website.  An image of this text also… Continue reading Tibetan Short Text (TS1)

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Hōryūji Palm-leaf Manuscript. (Ja)

Image: The palm leaf manuscript of held at Hōryūji monastery (also spelled Horiuzi) containing texts of the Prajñāpāramitā-hṛdaya, Uṣṇiṣavijaya-dhāraṇī, and a Sanskrit syllabary. The manuscript is said to date from 609 AD, but this is unlikely. Georg Bühler notes, in Müller (1881), that a comparison of the script with India manuscripts and inscriptions argues for a date in… Continue reading Hōryūji Palm-leaf Manuscript. (Ja)