This is the list of mss. used by Conze to produce his critical edition: Conze, Edward. (1967) ‘The Prajñāpāramitā-Hṛdaya Sūtra’ in Thirty Years of Buddhist Studies: Selected Essays, Bruno Cassirer. p. 147-167. (Originally published in: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1948, pp. 33-51.) on p.154

Nepalese manuscripts=N.

  • Na; LT. India Office no. 7712 (1). Eighteenth century?
  • Nb: LT. Cambridge Add 1485. f. I6~I8. A.D. 1677.
  • Nc: LT. MS Bodl. 1449 (59) fol. 74V-75V. A.D. 1819
  • Nd: LT. RAS, no. 79 V. f. 15-16b. c. 1820.
  • Ne: LT. Cambridge Add. 1553. f. 4~7b. Eighteenth century.
  • Nf: Calcutta As. Soc. Bengal B 5 (35).
  • Ng; Calcutta ASB B 65 (10).
  • Nh: fragment, only first 6 lines: Cambridge Add 1164 2 II.
  • Ni: LT. Société Asiatique no. 14, fol. 18b, -19b. No. 21.
  • Nk: LT. Cambridge Add 1680 ix. Begins at no. 8. ca 1200.
  • Nl: Cambr. Add. 1164.2.
  • Nm: Bibliothèque Nationale 62, no. 139. ca 1800.


Conze was quite sloppy in his notation for referring to the manuscripts.

  • It appears that Nh and Nl are the same text.
  • Nm is the same as Cg.

Extra Nepalese Manuscripts

There are a cache of mss. that appear to be long text Heart Sutras in the catalogue of the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project. I estimate potentially 30 new mss. For example 5 named Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya.



  • Ja MS in Horyuji Temple. Short Text [very corrupt ms.]
  • Jb; MS brought in ninth century by Yeun, disciple of Kukai. In MM [Max Muller] pp. -.51-4.