Meditation Resources

There are few resources dedicated to the “yoga of nonapprehension” (Skt. anupalambhayoga; Ch. yǐwúsuǒdégù 以無所得故), that is to say the nonapprehension of sensory experience, which is the principal meditation approach referenced in the (Chinese) Heart Sutra.


Cūḷasuññatā Sutta (MN 121) [This sutta has a brief outline of the practice of inattention to sensory experience leading to cessation and emptiness.] Sujato’s translation on Cutta Central.

Xiǎo kōng jīng 小空經 (MĀ 190) [translated in Anālayo 2015]

མདོ་ཆེན་པོ་སྟོང་པ་ཉིད་ཅེས་བྱ་བ། Śūnyatā-nāma-mahāsūtra. [Translated in Skilling 1994]


Anālayo. (2015). Compassion and Emptiness in Early Buddhist Meditation. Windhorse Publications. [Includes a translation of Xiǎo kōng jīng 小空經 (MĀ 190). And instruction on how to approach non-attention to sensory experience]

Anālayo. (2021) “Being Mindful of What is Absent.” Mindfulness 13: 1671-1678.

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