bcom ldan ‘das ma shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa’i snying po


Long Text

The Tibetan Kanjur contained two main recensions of the Heart Sutra

  • TL1: Recension A. Kanjur, e.g. Derge Ed. ca 750.
  • TL2: Recension B.

For the differences and variations see:

Silk, Jonathan A. (1994) The Heart Sūtra in Tibetan: a Critical Edition of the Two Recensions Contained in the Kanjur. Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien.

Information from the The Buddhist Canons Research Database:


  • Derge (sde dge): (D 21) shes rab sna tshogs, ka 144b6-146a3 (vol. 34) TBRC
  • Narthang (snar thang): (N 26) sna tshogs, ka 262b1-264a4 (vol. 34). TBRC
  • Lhasa (lha sa): (H 26) sna tshogs, ka 259a6-261a3 (vol. 34)
    ACIP etext
  • Urga (u rga): (U 21) shes rab sna tshogs, ka 144b6-146a3 (vol. 34)
  • Derge (sde dge): (D 531) rgyud, na 94b1-95b3 (vol. 88) TBRC
  • Peking (pe cin): (Q 160) rgyud, na 39b7-41a5 (vol. 6, p.166)
  • Narthang (snar thang): (N 476) rgyud, da 92a4-94a2 (vol. 90)
  • Cone (co ne): (C 165) rgyud, na 43b6-45a8 (vol. 12)
  • Lhasa (lha sa): (H 499) rgyud, tha 45a2-47a2 (vol. 88) ACIP etext
  • Li-tang (li thang): (J 498) rgyud ‘bum, na 39b1-40b7 (vol. 95)
  • Urga (u rga): (U 531) rgyud ‘bum, na 94b1-95b3 (vol. 89)


Short Text

Tibetan short text ms are from Dunhuang and were not included in the Kanjur.

TS1: Or. 8212/77

TS2: UEYAMA Daijun (1965) 敦煌出土のチベッ ト訳般若心經 [=Tibetan Version of the Prajñapāramitāhṛdayasūtra from Dūnhuáng]. Indogaku bukkyōgaku kenkyū 13(2): 783-779 [sic]. https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/ibk1952/13/2/13_2_783/_pdf [Article is in Japanese].

There has not yet been a systematic study of these short text manuscripts or a critical edition.